Dates: From 23 June 2012 to 6 January, 2013

Curators: Juan Vicente Aliaga and Patricia Mayayo

Feminist Genealogies in Spanish Art: 1960-2010 is a show conceived to emphasize the importance that the discourses on gender and sexual identity have had in Spanish art production since the 1960s. Through more than 150 works by 80 artists, the exhibition curated by Juan Vicente Aliaga and Patricia Mayayo proposes a rereading of Spain's recent art history from new perspectives. The exhibition stems from the need to restore the erased memory of feminist knowledge, practices and genealogies: it is important to recover and make visible the work of artists (some men, but especially women) who were unfairly shunned or forgotten; but it is even more important to reread the recent history of Spanish art from a different stance, with other keys and viewpoints. Not only has the legacy of feminism been underestimated in the most traditional historiography, but also in many of the accounts of art creation in Spain that are supposed to be more groundbreaking or renovating. Read more about the project.


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June 25, 2012