Manfred Mohr

Justin Hibbs

11 – 14 January 2017

Booth 11


For Este Arte 2017, Carroll / Fletcher pairs two artists from different generations, equally committed to furthering the possibilities of abstraction.


German-born, New York-based Manfred Mohr is one of the pioneers of computer-generated art. Trained as an abstract painter, he spent most of the 1950s and 60s developing the basis for a truly “rational art”. The breakthrough came in the aftermath of May 1968 in Paris – where Mohr was based at the time – when the artist first encountered computers and started to experiment with images produced by algorithms. The display at Este Arte will map this extraordinary journey, with a series of works pre-dating Mohr’s definitive move to machines in 1969, all the way to very recent pieces.


Justin Hibbs’ abstract canvases offer an ideal counterpoint to Mohr’s research. The London-based artist has a long-standing interest in modernist design and architecture, whose stark geometric shapes inspired his early practice. In the paintings presented at Este Arte, Hibbs investigates the creative possibilities of the concept of glitch, widely used in electronic music (and not without links to computer culture). Hibbs establishes a visual equivalent by painting with a pinstriping tool (traditionally used to create straight lines on enamel) on raw linen, welcoming the myriad of pictorial surprises the technique produces.