For the past twenty-five years, Michael Joaquin Grey has been investigating the development of life, language and form in complex and natural systems; how animate and inanimate systems originate, grow and decay. Working primarily as a sculptor, but also using a broad range of other media, Grey’s art seeks to materialise critical moments in natural phenomena and culture. His work explores the prepositional or intermediate states of change in behaviour, matter, meaning and the pattern of their consequences. In doing this, Grey reminds us of the fundamental importance, so often lost in contemporary society, of primary observation for learning. Grey's practice exists as a form of social sculpture that enables us to explore the origins of our development from the bottom up and the implications for how we create our pedagogy. Drawing inspiration from Modernism’s lost roots in Fröbel’s Kindergarten, he reaffirms that this method of common pedagogy is part of a process that catalyses both individual and cultural consciousness.

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