Reading Group - Chapter 4: The Price of Sex

11 July 2013

Reading Group | Chapter 4: The Price of Sex with Lora Hristova

11 July, 7:00 - 9:00pm


'Women are more than ever regarded as objects defined by their sexuality… This objectification, alongside women's role as supposedly the property of men, leads to domestic violence, rape and sexual abuse. This abuse is under recognised and under reported… To control their own lives, women must control their own bodies and sexuality.'

- LINDSEY GERMAN (via Counterfire 7 March 2011


Following on from the popular and lively debate generated by Chapter 3: The Dialectics of Sex, that took radical feminist Shulamith Firestone's pioneering 1970s text as its starting point, Chapter 4: The Price of Sexmoves forward forty years to focus on what twenty-first century suffragettes fight for now.


Led by artist Lora Hristova, Chapter 4 explores the sex industry and sexual politics. The reading for the group is Hristova's Tumblr - where she asks What is the price of sex? What (and who) are we willing to sacrifice in the name of pleasure? How often is the need for physical release actually a desire for control and is having sex a human right?

Chapter 4 aims to navigate the territory of the sex industry; from its everyday reflections in heterosexual life to the heated debate around the legalisation of prostitution and the dark corners of human trafficking.


Lora Hristova's mixed media practice engages with gendered themes of identity and sexuality, exploring issues of gender inequality and representations of women in contemporary culture in reference to universal experiences of desire and shame, intimacy and anxiety and insecurities surrounding the body.  Her recent work has investigated the sex industry, and the cultural, psychological and social impact of pornography.  She recently discussed her research in an Artists' Presentation for the Zabludowicz Invites exhibition.


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Chapter 4: The Price of Sex

Thursday 11 July, 7:00-9:00pm

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