Carroll / Fletcher @ Close-Up Cinema: Sex: Work & Play

Close-Up Film Centre, July 12, 2016



Carroll / Fletcher @ Close-Up Cinema

Sex: Work & Play


Close-Up Film Centre

97 Sclater Street, London E1 6HR


£12/10/8, Book online here.


Melanie Bonajo, Night Soil: Economy of Love, 2015, 33'

Ann Hirsch, Horny Lil Feminist, 2015, 10'

Lora Hristova, Interviews with Feminist Porn Film-makers, 2015, 27'


Followed by a discussion between:


- Lora Hristova (artist);

- Petra van Brabandt (Belgium-based philosopher, specialising in feminism, and art and pornography);

- Stacey Clare (the Ethical Stripper, a member of the East London Strippers’ Collective).


Night Soil: Economy of Love portrays a Brooklyn-based movement of female sex workers who regard their work as a way for women to reclaim power, their mission to rearrange sexual conventions and ideas about intimacy itself.  Horny Lil Feminist, a series of five short films, “[to the Star Trek theme tune] Art, the final frontier, these are the voyages of the horny lil feminist, my continuing mission to explore internet feminisms, to break down existing stereotypes by suggesting new modes of representation, to boldly go where no horny lil feminist has gone before…”.  Filmed during the 2014 Berlin Porn Film Festival, Interviews with Feminist Porn Filmmakers takes an impartial look at the motivations behind the work of Pandora Blake, Lucie Blush, Audrey Fox, Jiz Lee and Ms Naughty.