In a radical departure from her usual practice of site-specific  projects, Natascha Sadr Haghighian's first solo exhibition in London is a selection of works from the last fifteen years.  She describes her practice as a continual process of interrogation and unhinging of socio-political hierarchies and conventions; of seeking to defrock and destabilise systems of representation and authority. By placing the works alongside each other for the first time, Sadr Haghighian draws out new perspectives and connects the various debates and questions raised by them over the years.


In her exhibition for Carroll / Fletcher, Sadr Haghighian's richly detailed, collaborative investigations utilise a wide variety of media, such as  video, slide projection, sound, websites, photography and actions, to explore issues as diverse as the control and manipulation of the world's scarce resources; consumerism and corporatism; identity, power and class; and the structures and rituals of the professional art world.


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