Ian Giles: The In Between

23 April - 11 May 2013

Ian Giles' installation, The In Between, plays with ideas of physical and metaphorical transformation.  A video shows a Clay Meditation class in which a group of people sensitively apply clay slip to each other's faces.  As the clay dries into a lined mask on the participants' faces, the near invisible process of time slowly becomes discernable.  The practice, devised by Giles is partly informed by his experiences of 'Movement Meditation', in which music is the catalyst to meditate and connect through dance. Nearby, in a setting reminiscent of religious spaces or ceremonies, ceramic bowls act as holders for candles, which as they burn, change and renew.  Camomile tea will be served during the show, an invitation to relax the mind and allow a mood of calm reflection to settle.

Ian Giles is a LUX Associate Artist 2012/13 and graduated from MFA Fine Art, Slade School of Fine Art, 2012.

Ian Giles CV

Watch a video of The In Between here

Ian Giles, We Are Temporary Structures 2012, Performance Installation at Tate Britain, This Is Tomorrow, May 2013