John Wood and Paul Harrison: An almost identical copy

Gallery 1 - Ground Floor
24 April - 13 June 2015





John Wood and Paul Harrison



An almost identical copy


A film about spraying paint

A film about falling

A film about a chair

A film about a car

A film about a car park


A tennis court

A monorail

A fair ground

A building site

A hovercraft

An industrial estate


A city


1 globe and 1 record player

1 pen and 1 pencil

1 pencil and 1 pencil

1 broom and 1 light

1 ruler and 1 piece of string

1 level painting

1 orange chair and 1 grey chair

1 roll of tape

1 crowbar

1 try square

1 ruler

2 balls of string

3 fuses

4 red shapes

5 rolls of tape

5 pairs of scissors

12 roses

15 useless/useful rulers



Making a copy

Making a version

Making a version of a copy


An almost identical copy