In Anonymous, untitled, dimensions variable an exhibition with a daily changing title artist-provocateurs Eva and Franco Mattes aka 0100101110101101.ORG disrupt the safe environment and conventions of the art gallery. In a compelling cacophony of facts and fictions, performances are held in videogames, images are appropriated from random personal computers, a webcam suicide is simulated, fake sculptures are attributed to revered artists and potentially toxic artifacts sit next to stolen fragments of precious artworks and a hacked arcade game. Eva and Franco Mattes' first exhibition in London explores the unfolding narratives and unforeseen consequences of their interventions and subversive hoaxes in physical and virtual space.

Every day throughout the exhibition, Eva and Franco Mattes will change the title of the show to emphasize the evolving, participatory nature of their works. The titles will be made public in the gallery space and on this blog, both platforms are open to the audience's comments and feedback.


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Anonymous, untitled, dimensions variable is accompanied by a new publication with a specially commissioned essay by Melissa Gronlund.