In her first UK exhibition, Eulalia Valldosera, one of Spain's leading contemporary artists, transforms the gallery into an immersive, cinematic mise-en-scène, where an intimate choreography of light, shadow and domestic objects act out and connect the fragmented narratives of human relationships.  Combining new and existing works, Blood Ties is an unfinished psychological space, or latent film set on which a performance is about to begin.

Valldosera's multi-layered kinetic installations draw the viewer into an intricate sensorial and physical engagement with the environments she creates.  Laying bare the mechanisms of the work she uncovers the "trick", questioning the role of the artist as creative "genius".

Eulalia Valldosera is known internationally for work that engages in elusive theatrical portrayals of female identity interweaving photography, performance, installation and video. She has had significant solo shows in Spain, The Netherlands, Brussels and Austria, received several awards and has work in major public and private collections.

Blood Ties is accompanied by a new publication with a specially commissioned essay by Tom Morton and a conversation between Eulalia Valldosera and curator Bárbara Rodríguez Muñoz. 

Watch video documentation of the exhibition on the Carroll/Fletcher Vimeo page

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