Five Finger Discount History

Airbnb HQ

888 Brannan Street

San Francisco


7 March 2017. 6-8 PM


Next week as part of Airbnb Design Talks, Christine Sun Kim will perform Five Finger Discount History.


Christine Sun Kim is a California-born, Berlin-based artist whose work uncovers the secret life of sound. Instead of an invisible wavelength that enters our ears, noise becomes a visual, physical, and, importantly, a political entity in her art.

Kim translates sound into charcoal drawings, experimental videos, and interactive performances that reveal how noise palpably travels through both space and people, and how people shape it. And in doing so, she also uncovers the societal biases against making noise and being heard.

Creating pieces that offer new perspectives and an exchange of ideas, Kim's work seeks to build community and inclusivity between those who are hearing and those who are deaf, but also across society at large. Her career includes residencies at the Whitney and Cooper Union, lectures at TED Talks, Parsons, and MIT, and performances and exhibitions at the Tate Modern, MoMA PS1, and the Smithsonian.
Come see Christine Sun Kim's performance talk, Five Fingers Discount History, to hear her observations, critiques, and perspective on what it means to be Deaf in America.


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March 2, 2017