Charles B. Wang Center Chapel

Stony Brook University

New York


Lecture takes place at 4PM


Christine will be performing Lautplan as part of the Spring Lecture Series at Stony Brook University.


Christine Sun Kim is an American sound artist who has been deaf since birth. She uses sound as an artistic medium to investigate and rationalize her relationship with sound and spoken languages.


With works that combine performance, installation, and video, Kim presents a visualized sound installation and a talk entitled LAUTPLAN, which was inspired by her experience of living opposite a church with bells that rang daily. She discusses how her notion of bells has evolved, incorporating images, videos, sound files, and stories of visiting the church she could see from her window.

Drawing from her own life to explore the physically expressive and communicative nature of sound, Kim finds new ways to bring art to the deaf community.


About the Artist

Christine Sun Kim first began her career as a visual artist, but she became more versatile with sound, video, and performance art. She has been exhibited and has performed at various institutions, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Hull House Museum in Chicago, the Calder Foundation in New York, the Tate Modern in London, the Berlin Biennale, and Art Basel in Hong Kong. She was named as TED Fellow twice and gave a TED Talk at the 2016 conference.


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March 15, 2017