The International 3




28 April - 2 June 2017


Mishka Henner is part of a group show at The International 3, guest curated by Amy Stevenson.


Taking the University of Salford’s Art Collection as its point of departure and specifically focusing on newly acquired works from both British and international artists, WANDERLUST explores the practice of three artists whose work is bound up with ideas of voyeurism, omitted context, ambiguous journeys and seeing the world from a veiled or altered perspective. Blurring genres, and straddling the space between reality and fantasy – WANDERLUST reveals our inherent desire to let our imagination ‘fill in the gaps’ whilst exposing the allure of obscurity.


WANDERLUST is a group exhibition guest curated by University of Salford alumna Amy Stevenson. It is co-commissioned by The International 3 and University of Salford Art Collection and is presented as part of University of Salford’s Graduate Scholarship Programme and its Commission to Collect Programme.


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May 2, 2017